Foundation Yoga Training for PE teachers, 2 day course. Oct 2017

St, Mary's Primary School, Stoney Lane, Kidderminster DY10 2LX

October 14 2017 - October 15 2017


14th & 15th October 2017, St, Mary’s Primary School, Stoney Lane, Kidderminster DY10 2LX      Price £200.   10am-5pm Both days

This foundation course is specifically designed with PE teachers in mind. This course is tailored for you!

Run by our fully accredited TeenYoga teacher Yvonne Morey. You will take away from the course a basic understanding of yoga, awareness of our own experience as teenagers, understanding of how yoga helps adolescents in particular and focus on how we teach yoga.

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Yvonne Morey has worked with young people for over a decade. Through counselling and teaching yoga to teenagers she has had the opportunity to get a valuable insight into the teenage mind.

Her passion for the welfare of young people spurred her on to work with Charlotta Martinus to design this course specifically for PE teachers.

PE teachers are in an ideal position to be able to share the benefits of yoga with young people.

Yvonne has worked with children for many years and has often discovered that they experience a sense of disconnection, especially girls. Yvonne has an interest in resilience factors in young people and in particular the impact of sport and physical activity. In her experience most of the children she sees in counselling and those that are resistant to PE don’t feel connected to their physical bodies, have very little self esteem and don’t like PE. Yvonne feels we need to change the way we teach physical education so it is inclusive, sensitive and not always competitive. It is through this course that she hopes PE teachers can feel that they have a better understanding of the “hard to reach” students and another tool to help encourage ALL students to feel connected, present and well.


The aim of this course is to expand your skill set as a PE teacher by providing you with an understanding of how to teach yoga to a wide range of students.

Yoga is becoming increasingly popular with young people and demand for yoga in schools has grown considerably.

There is a responsibility for schools to help all of their students to stay healthy and well. This includes the students who don’t like sport! This training will help you to understand and relate to these students and to provide practical skills to make yoga a realistic and enjoyable way to stay physically and emotionally well.

Yoga is an excellent form of physical activity. An appealing option for students that aren’t keen on competitive sports as well as providing excellent body conditioning and downtime for sportier students. However, it is much more than a physical exercise and for many yoga can become a life changing tool.

We will explore how yoga can support healthy brain development and optimum emotional and physical health for teenagers. Through group work and practical sessions you will learn how to apply the teachings of yoga to teenagers in a way that’s accessible and fun!

Brief outline of course content (all included in manual)

  • What is yoga
  • Yoga, sport and the nervous system
  • Benefits of yoga for teenagers
  • Yoga and the 5cs
  • Yoga for sporty students
  • Yoga for students who don’t like sport
  • How to get them on to the mat
  • The student/teacher relationship
  • Yoga and the teenage brain
  • Breath work
  • Main benefits of individual postures
  • Class plans
  • Opportunity for practice teaching

The course comes with a detailed and comprehensive manual for you to take home, with plenty of practical class structures for you to use. In this manual you will find a detailed list of the benefits of yoga and a list of suitable postures for this particular age group and for specific issues.

Yvonne Morey (dip . Counselling, Y A) teaches in and around Birmingham, Ireland, Wales and Australia

Yvonne is a mother of three (including twin 14 year old girls) and has practiced yoga for over 13 years, exploring many styles but most extensively Iyengar. Yvonne has worked as a counsellor in schools and community settings for 10 years. Yvonne completed her TeenYoga training and Yoga Alliance TTC with Charlotta Martinus and brings together her experience as a counsellor and yogi to inform and inspire both young people and yoga teachers.

Pre Requisites:

To be a PE teacher or trainee teacher

To have a keen interest in sharing yoga


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Yoga training for PE Teachers, two day course. Oct 2017
Yoga training for PE Teachers, two day foundation course with Yvonne Morey. Oct 2017
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