What people say…

Words can’t explain what an amazing course you have put together!! You opened a whole new fascinating world to me and for that I am truly grateful!! I will highly recommend to anyone to take Teenyoga course with you.

Ayala Dec 2012

“Young people experience a great deal of pressure, and consequently stress, to perform well in school due to the high expectations on them both academically and socially. Yoga is a great way to deal with this & the teen yoga programme has been extremely well received by students at Ralph Allen. The approach taken is just right and has inspired our students not just to try yoga, but to stick with it. I recommend the programme wholeheartedly.”

John Chantry Vice Principal, Ralph Allen School

Just a quick note to thank you for your wonderful training course, I think you have really inspired everyone to try to “be the change they want to see in the world”.

Susan Engineer and Yoga Teacher, 2014

"I’ve really enjoyed the Teen Yoga training with Charlotta, she emanates such a warm and welcoming environment with her loving presence, where you feel totally accepted for who you are and where you are in your Yoga journey. Charlotta is very open, honest and insightful – sharing relevant stories and references from her own life experience that illuminate ideas and concepts succinctly. It has been a refreshing pleasure to learn alongside some-one who shares her passion with vitality and authenticity!"

Thank you Charlotta – you’re an inspiration which propels me forward in my own meandering yogic journey!

Sasha School Teacher, April 2014

Massive thank you to Charlotta Chandrika Martinus and everyone else at the mindfulness training day last week. I really enjoyed it and have already started to use so much of this great training in my classes.

Sian Social Worker, April 2014

Still processing and assimilating the wonderful experience with you and the group. Each day brings greater clarity and meaning, I can’t thank you enough.

Margaret Davies School Teacher 2014

This is a life changing course… if you have any interest in helping the youth of today become balanced adults of tomorrow do this course!

DC Samantha Hare Metropolitan Police May 2011

Charlotta, the course lead and founder of TeenYoga is truly an inspiration. The great depth of her knowledge, insight and experience is far surpassed by her powerfully generous, honest and humble heart. Charlotta shares her vision with such contagious love, light and joy, that it ignites a fervent empathy for our current generation of adolescents. Leaving each of us eager to play our part in bringing about the revolution of sharing the liberating and nurturing gift of yoga. The TeenYoga training was life changing and life affirming, words could never do justice to the acute wisdom of the course tutors and students, and the unique and mighty intimacy we found in each other.

Naomi Mental Health Worker, 2014

Yesterday I went into a pupil referral unit with a small group of excluded year 11 kids. We did some breathing practice, sun salutation variations/tree/crow and a relaxation. The response - they LOVED it. One of them said it was 'heaven'.

I have to say it was one of the most rewarding experiences of my yoga career to date. These kids SOOOO need to build their self esteem, feel valued and they all said they had never felt so relaxed. I feel really grateful to Charlotta Chandrika Martinus, Caron Lindley Carole Davies & Kerry Walters for the learning experience to get me here. THANK YOU and may the teenyoga community continue to motivate & inspire.

Allison Jennings Wales

Such a brilliant course. Hugely beneficial to every aspect of my life, personal and business. Thank you!

Charlotta is amazing. I feel genuinely humbled and touched by her.

I was amazed by the psychology and biology of teens. The whole course has made me more considerate of others and especially teens.

The course was pitched perfectly. Charlotta was extremely knowledgeable and engaging! She created a warm and informative learning environment. I really enjoyed meeting like minded people with so much to offer. The exemplar yoga practises were really useful to show hot to work around a theme for a targeted audience.

I've never taught yoga before but feel ready to work with individual and groups of students. The course has inspired me to do my teacher training as I'm desperate to gain even more knowledge.

Sara C London

Charlotta was so inspiring, kind and sensitive. The course was brilliant, very welcoming and informative - I really enjoyed the lectures and discussions.

I feel much more confident and can't wait to share my knowledge.

Elsa B London

"The TeenYoga course provides a fascinating overview including tips for working with teens, adolescent health including neuro-development and safeguarding issues. Charlotta is an inspiring facilitator, with a wealth of experience and enthusiasm for using yoga as a tool for promoting health and wellbeing in adolescents."

Dr V Madden Public Health

I can not recommend this course highly enough. It will give you all the tools you need to go out and teach yoga to teens. What's so lovely is you will feel like you've become part of an incredibly supportive community. I met so many inspiring people.

Indira London

I have learnt more than I expected too. Charlotta's approach and teaching is wonderfully inspiring and I am delighted to have taken part in this training.

Lucie Pilateshealth, London

This course is accessible, comprehensive and completely inspirational! I can't wait to bring yoga to teens!

Dana London

I loved it! I'm looking forward to changing the world and bringing yoga to all schools and teens - Amazing!

Xela Teacher, London

I'm so grateful to have found TeenYoga. I had been thinking of education, young people and yoga and this course made it all come together wonderfully. I also learned a lot about myself and completed this course with renewed energy. Thank you Charlotta, you are an amazing and inspiring teacher.

Yvonne Yoga teacher, London

I am very excited about teaching yoga at the school where I am a classroom teacher. I can see how enormously beneficial yoga is going to be for the young people in my school, especially in the run up to exams when the pressure is enormous.

Emma Secondary Teacher, Berkhamsted

A wonderful course to explore the incredible potential of yoga with an awesome, super inspiring teacher who brings the best out of her students and the world! Thank you Charlotta.

Frances Yoga Teacher, Hackney, London

The introduction of yoga to the teens of the UK is the best introduction to the whole journey of life I have seen in a long time. A wonderful inspiration.

Vicky Yoga Teacher, London

A highly inspirational and insightful training. I came away not only feeling I can do what I came her to learn but also feeling like there is an infinite and exciting well of knowledge I can dip into as and when needed.

I'm so looking forward to continuing my journey into yoga. So namaste dear Charlotta.

Marion French Teacher, Cornwall

Thank you Charlotta for putting together such a fantastic and fascinating course. It was great to experience a training combining psychology and neuroscience with yoga philosophy.

I feel well prepared and inspired to out what I've learned into practise to start teaching teens!

Laura Yoga Teacher, London

Charlotta is a very dynamic, inspirational and knowledgeable teacher. The course was amazing. I would highly recommend this TeenYoga course.


Charlotta was excellent and the course delivered beyond my expectations.

Charlotta is compassionate, welcoming and emmensely knowledgeable. The amount of advice, information and support by her has been immeasurable.

An inspirational, professional, approachable, compassionate, beautiful, knowledgeable teacher!

I imagine that every course evolves with time. This course has been perfect for me. I feel I found Charlotta at exactly the right time. A strong and nurturing teacher who absolutely embodies yogic life and love.

Charlotta is an amazing, inspiring teacher. She has so much knowledge about yoga, teaching teen psychology. Her flexibility to each situation and the way she embeds yoga philosophy into everything is amazing.

Excellent, warm, direct and clear, lots of feedback offered throughout, encouraging and inclusive. Charlotta is skilled teacher who knows her stuff!

Charlotta is a nurturing and attentive teacher who created a safe and comforting space for learning and exploration.

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The TeenYoga course will train you to teach yoga and mindfulness to 11-18 yr olds. It has been constructed with the help of specialist adolescent Neuroscientists, Anatomists, Psychologists and Yoga Teachers. It is now taught in several continents across the world.

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